Are you original? With this seasoning blend you definitely will be. This bottle of happiness, as we call it, conjures up a real harmony of basil, cumin, oregano and other quiet agents for all the gourmets. It can be used especially in the Mediterranean cuisine, when preparing sauces, pasta, pizzas, etc.

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Garlic & Lemon





Are you a fan of fresh scents and flavors? This seasoning blend contains a fresh lemon peel and the miraculous natural medicine (garlic), both of which will ensure a unique taste of all kinds of dishes. We can use it when preparing eggs, salads, fish dishes, chicken dishes, etc.

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Sweet & Spicy





Do you like spicy dishes that leave a sweet taste in your mouth? If the answer is yes, then this Sweet & Spicy seasoning is an excellent choice. A unique method of red pepper production and the wicked taste of chili will set the end of boring dishes for ever. Sweet & Spicy is an unforgettable seasoning you must use, especially when preparing beef burgers, steaks, goulash, Mexican food, Chinese food, Indian food, etc.

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